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Some additional clarity on Republican delegate allocation at the state-level

Gavin Newsom is running for president.

Revisiting effective winnowing

Actually, Dean Phillips hasn't broken any DNC rules. ...yet.

No, Biden's name's not going to be on the ballot in New Hampshire.

Missouri Republicans are still peddling myths to justify axing the state's presidential primary

DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting answers some 2024 questions, raises others

Trump's "backroom effort" and the 2024 Republican delegate game ...again

Emptying the notebook from recent days, part two

Emptying the notebook from recent days, part one

Yes, the 2024 presidential primary calendar is still taking shape

Missouri Democrats finally weigh in on 2024 delegate selection

Yes, Donald Trump is ahead in the delegate battle. That has not changed.

Utah Republicans opt out of Super Tuesday presidential primary

The Nevada Republican caucuses are scheduled for February 8

Pennsylvania Republicans and unbound delegates in 2024

Alabama Republicans tighten rules for delegate selection

Are Alabama Republicans set to alter delegate allocation rules for 2024?

Let's talk about the state of Republican delegate selection rules for 2024 (Part Two)

Newly adopted California Republican delegate allocation rules offer clear benefits

DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee advances another 31 state delegate selection plans for 2024

DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting (Live Chat Thread) -- 7/28/23

An anti-Trump move in Massachusetts delegate allocation?

More on the "nitty-gritty battle for delegates"

California Republicans poised to use a different proportional scheme in 2024

Friday Roundup 7/21/23

A second state-run primary option in New Hampshire?

On second thought, conflicts arise in Michigan Republicans' delegate selection plan for 2024

Yes, Iowa still matters

Colorado Republicans' proposed delegate selection rules changes empower presidential candidates

Iowa Republicans have a caucus date for 2024. Now What?

An update on the 2024 Presidential Primary Calendar at the halfway point of 2023

2024 Presidential Primary and Caucus Filing Deadlines Calendar

Misreading Iowa Democrats' Noncompliance

The Georgia primary isn't really in "limbo"

No, the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee did not 'blink' in the primary standoff with New Hampshire

Weekend Leftovers 6/19/23

Evening Digest 6/15/23

Idaho Republicans Are Making Plans for a 2024 Without a Presidential Primary

About that Unique Michigan Republican Primary-Caucus Plan (Part Two)

Daily Digest 6/9/23

Daily Digest 6/8/23

Daily Digest 6/6/23

Folks, the new caucus law in Iowa does not affect state Democrats' plans for 2024

Uncertainty and the 2024 Presidential Primary Calendar

Idaho Democrats Make Contingency Plans for 2024

The Trump Trial and the Primary Calendar

Delaware on the move?

The Time Crunch to Schedule Caucuses in Iowa

Yes, New York will likely have an April 2 Presidential Primary

Iowa's Place in the RNC Delegate Rules

Evening Digest 5/16/23

The Quirks of Scheduling a South Carolina Presidential Primary

Friday Happy Hour Wrap Up 5/12/23

Evening Digest 5/11/23

Evening Digest 5/10/23

Missouri Presidential Primary May Be Back from the Dead

Evening Digest 5/8/23

Friday Happy Hour Wrap Up 5/5/23

Evening Digest 5/4/23

Evening Digest 5/3/23

Evening Digest 5/2/23

Evening Digest 5/1/23

Friday Happy Hour Wrap Up 4/28/23

Evening Digest 4/27/23

Evening Digest 4/26/23

Florida Republicans Will Likely Have a Winner-Take-All Presidential Primary in 2024

Evening Digest 4/24/23

Governor Moore's Signature Moves Maryland Presidential Primary to May 14

Weekend Leftovers

Friday Happy Hour Wrap Up

Evening Digest 4/20/23

Evening Digest 4/19/23

Lunchables 4/18/23

Weekend Leftovers

Friday Happy Hour Wrap Up

Yeah, Michigan Republicans are Limited in Their Primary or Caucus Options for 2024

Evening Digest 4/12/23

Morning Digest -- More Calendar Clues

More Hints from Draft Delegate Selection Plans

Evening Digest 4/6/23

Update in Hawaii

It Turns Out the Kansas Presidential Primary Bill was Only Mostly Dead

Kansas Presidential Primary Rejected in State House

Delegate Selection Plan Round Up

Kansas Senate Passes Presidential Primary Bill

Missouri Presidential Primary Bills Merged and Moved

Drama Introduced into Effort to Move Idaho Presidential Primary

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Alaska Democrats Will Hold an April 6 Party-Run Presidential Primary

North Dakota Democrats Aim for April 6 Party-Run Primary in 2024

Kansas Committee OKs Amended Presidential Primary Bill

Idaho Presidential Primary Bills Pass Senate

Hawaii Committee Shakes Up Presidential Primary Bill

Alternate Kansas Bill Would Reestablish a Presidential Primary in March

The Fix is in for the Idaho Presidential Primary Bill

Connecticut Bill Introduced to Move Presidential Primary

Maryland Presidential Primary Move Passes State Senate

Maryland Bills Would Resolve Presidential Primary Conflict with Passover...

Pennsylvania House Bill Would Move Presidential Primary from April to March

Hawaii Senate Passes Super Tuesday Presidential Primary Bill

Kansas Bill Would Reestablish Presidential Primary in the Sunflower State

Idaho House Passes May Presidential Primary Bill

May Presidential Primary Companion Goes Live in Ohio House

Ohio Senate Bill Would Move Presidential Primary to May

Companion House Bill Would Create February West Virginia Presidential Primary

Idaho Bill Aims to Consolidate Presidential Primary with Others in May

Senate Companion Introduced to Reestablish Missouri Presidential Primary

Competing Oregon Senate Bill Would Move Presidential Primary to Super Tuesday

Bill to Move Pennsylvania Presidential Primary to March Introduced

Whitmer's Signature Sends Michigan Presidential Primary to February 27

Michigan House Passes February Presidential Primary Bill

Michigan Senate Passes February Presidential Primary Bill

Companion Super Tuesday Bill Introduced in Hawaii House

Hawaii Senate Bill Proposes Super Tuesday Presidential Primary

Alternative Bill Would Schedule New York Presidential Primary for April

New Hampshire Senate Moves to Further Protect First-in-the-Nation Presidential Primary with Constitutional Amendment

Hawaii Bill Would Establish a Presidential Primary

State House Companion Bill Would Also Push Michigan Presidential Primary to February 27

Assembly Companion Introduced to Consolidate New York Primaries in June

West Virginia Bill Would Move Presidential Primary to February

Bill Introduced in Michigan Senate to Move Presidential Primary to February 27

Identical Third Bill Would Reestablish Missouri's Presidential Primary

A Super Tuesday Presidential Primary in Oregon?

New York Bill Would Consolidate Primaries in June